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J.D. Bryden of Free Radical Network will be guiding you through Envirotopia — a strange world controlled by the ubiquitous eco-state. Eugene Ward struggles to survive in an ecological regime imposed by the council ECO-NOW, a far-off world body unknown to the majority of people.

Eugene lives a nomadic, gatherer existence until he realizes that he is an individual, and although he is a part of Nature, he also has an independent mind and will of his own. But what Eugene Ward doesn’t know is that he is precisely the kind of man the eco-state finds most dangerous; and an ensuing stand-off with the wily shaman Logan marks him for selective elimination.

Michael Isenberg of Montferro Press says: “Becker writes beautifully: his descriptions of nature are lush and vivid. He is adept at braiding his story with insight into the anti-reason, anti-individual philosophy of environmentalism without being preachy. Hugely entertaining.”

Available on major e-readers and online readers in April 2013.